"UdK - Berlin, Germany"

    The College of Music. The College of Music ranks
    as one of the largest music education institutes in
    Europe, rich in content and quality. Dating back to
    the Royal (later State) Academy of Music founded in
    1869, it has been one of the leading schools of
    music in Germany from the outset.

     Composers such as Max Bruch, Engelbert
    Humperdinck and Paul Hindemith, performers such as
    Artur Schnabel, Wanda Landowska and Emanuel
    Feuermann, and academics such as Philipp Spitta,
    Curt Sachs and Kurt Singer taught here. In the
    1920s, the area of teacher training gained
    significant importance in the State School of
    Music the implementation of a new type of
    artistic, academic and educational training.

     In the course of its history, several
    noted institutes of learning in Berlin’s music
    life have been integrated into the Berlin State
    School of Music (since 1975 part of the Berlin
    of the Arts). A diversely unique entity has
    developed which can in fact be regarded as a
    music university – not least, because possible
    co-operations with other Colleges at the
    University open up many interdisciplinary
    art forms and experimental fields. The College
    of Music represents a wide spectrum of today’s
    artistic, educational and academic culture and
    offers differentially organised courses of
    study for almost all professions of music. The
    high of foreign students mirrors the College’s
    international reputation.

    “Studies Department”
    Direction: Anita Panknin
    Tel. +49 (0)30 3185-2421
    Fax +49 (0)30 3185-2758

    Inge Scheffler / Julia Wendt / Joachim Schwalbe
    Tel. (030) 3185-2431
    Fax (030) 3185-2821

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 Udk-Berlin, Germany

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